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I am a Design Leader and Strategist with a passion for innovation and creating positive experiences.

My mission is to lead, inspire, and promote people-centered strategies in order to create favorable experiences. I have proven experience managing, developing and implementing projects of varying complexity and size, working with people to design better solutions together. I leverage human-centered design to facilitate collaboration, re-frame problems, discover insights through customer experiences, and iterate for continuous innovation.

I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and I am proud to be a Hoosier. I recently made a move to sunny San Diego where I enjoy the beach, volleyball, and exploring all the unique neighborhoods. During college I traveled to Europe visiting London, Paris, and Rome which kick started my passion for travel and culture. I then ventured to Australia and New Zealand for 2 months after graduating from Ball State University. While in Australia I couch surfed, staying with locals from the area as I traveled along the east coast from Melbourne up to Cairns. It was an experience of a lifetime where I learned to not fear the unknown but rather to embrace it, particularly when interacting with people. 

My interactions with people while traveling give me a unique perspective on collaboration that I strive to apply to my work. I want to continue to interact with people in business, and help facilitate better innovations for the world.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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